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Navala Churrascaria

Navala Churrascaria

About this venue

Brisbane restaurant riverfront dining with a good-sized helping of Latin American flair. Navala – a combination of the Portuguese words ‘na’ & ‘vala’, which means “in the trench” – a traditional & ancient cooking technique that evolved into the famous Brazilian BBQ known as Churrasco.

Navala’s Churrasco is much more than a simple cooking technique, it is also considered a lifestyle by many Brazilians and an iconic part of Brazilian culture. Navala captures the simple splendour and tradition of ancient cooking methods and delivers them to your table. The authentic Brazilian BBQ at Navala has a flavour and flair to it that will capture the imagination of any food lover.


Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle Street,
Brisbane City 4000


07 3221 3888





Navala Churrascaria

Navala Churrascaria

Drink & Tapas

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